International circus festival in Izevsk (Russia)




2016-03-08+09-22-40International circus festival in Izevsk is one of the biggest circus festivals in the world. And It’s very big event in life of circus artist. Participants from more than 20 counties from all over the world with highest level in circus industry. In this event Aleksander took third silver prize in  his career of circus artist. 


International circus festival in Italy


The hot latina attended a performance of Aleksander and the result was a silver award and special prize from the Circus of Dreams (USA)

International circus festival in Moscow


At the international circus festival in Tsvetnoy Bulvar, the jury highly appreciated the abilities of Aleksander and was awarded a silver award and an invitation to one of the largest festivals in Europe in Italy

International circus festival in Spain


Aleksandr got a special prize TV and special prize from Studio AG at the international circus festival in Spain (city of Figares)